Technical Assembly

Within our manufacturing facility, we have established our own in-house technical assembly department from where we supply our customers with complex sub-assembled products.

The majority of the sub-assemblies we produce typically bring together tight tolerance components, with engineering grade polymers and proven assembly techniques.

For example, in a carrier for our overhead track systems, the body of the assembly is typically moulded in high strength glass filled nylon as an alternative to a stamped metal component. The rigid body is then overmoulded with soft thermoplastic elastomer, which acts as a noise absorbing cushion between the units. These are then assembled with our unique polyurethane tyred precision bearing wheels which produces a silent running product ideal for those noise sensitive installations.

In other instances, these assemblies can also include non-moulded components which we source from our extensive engineering supplier base on behalf of the customers. With this additional capability, we are able to supply a fully assembled product, which allows us to shorten the supply chain for our customers and offers them with a streamlined, cost-effective solution all built under one roof.



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